A whistle-stop tour

My name is Matt Whelan, I am a father-of-three (the first one has paws) who lives in Chester, United Kingdom.


Ever uncertain about what I wanted from life, my career path can largely be described as pursuing every unconnected possibility which ever presented itself.

First up, I studied Applied Computer Technology at John Moore's University (JMU) and proceeded to throw my degree directly into the bin by going into retail management.

My time in retail management took me over the water to Dublin, where I lived for over 2 years, and provided me with many fond memories (and a beer gut).

Tired of maintaining a long-distance relationship, my (now) wife and I packed in our jobs and went travelling around the world for a year, visiting Latin America, Australia and South East Asia - one of the greatest experiences of my life.

When we returned home, I got a job in the banking industry (which was actually more interesting than it sounds) before getting snapped up to work for our family business, which builds small, exclusive residential developments in North West England.

A sudden and undiagnosed illness left me with vestibular (balance) issues, which became the starting point of my decision to take up writing full time.

I am now the author of a children's book called The Tower of Melgoth, part of the Adventure Quest series. An interactive adventure series aimed at young children (aged 6-10).

Apart from spending time with my family and friends, my primary passions are reading, writing, travelling and football, specifically Liverpool Football Club. I am also an avid Fantasy Premier League (FPL) manager and am writing a book about this.

The way to my heart is via cheese and red wine, and I warmly welcome anyone who can make me laugh and/or likes dogs.